Order form/ neccessary info

• Description of commission (character(s), facial expression, mood, background colour etc. any important element
• Reference: A clear image reference or a detailed description of character, clothing, hairstyle etc.
• Commission Type: Bust / Half body / Full body / Scene
• Background: None / Simple / Transparent / Other
By commissioning me, you agree to my Terms of Service
Commission status: Closed (Exam season :,))


$30-$35 USD


$45-$50 USD


$60 (+$20 for an extra character)



Terms of service

  • Payment is only through Ko-Fi.

  • When commissioning me, you pay the price upfront. I usually take about a week or less to finish commissions depending on how much time I've got to work on them.

  • Prices may vary depending on the complexity of the design, deadline, pose etc.

  • You're free to use the commissioned art privately however you want, but if it is intended for commercial use then the price is double to accommodate for

If you'd like to commission me or have any questions, contact me on Discord or Twitter (@_cheyko)
or via email ([email protected])